We Prepare for Music Grade Exams at Trinity College London:
We prepare Students for grade exams offered by Trinity London College for a wide range of instruments and singing, from Initial to Grade 8. Trinity College London is an International exam board with a rich heritage of academic rigour and a positive, supportive approach to assessment.  Trinity exams and assessments are specifically designed to help students progress. They inspire learners and mark their achievement at each stage of their development and at all levels of competence. 

Rules and Regulations for Students:

Dear Students,

First of all, we would like to congratulate you for choosing to join and learn Music, Dance and Arts at Roy Music School, The advantage of Learning Music helps you to deal with Stress, increases the IQ scores, grasp science and math concepts as well as problems involving space and time.  The process of learning music creates multiple neural connections in the brain and promotes rapid development of language and speech skills.

Learning music promotes good habits and discipline, increases self-esteem and persistence to strive towards their personal goals.  Knowing all these facts, you have made a worthy decision to join Roy Music School, wish you a Fantastic Music Career! 

Please go through the rules and regulations to be followed:

1. Primary Communications like Announcements and Circulars from the RMS will be sent by Whatsapp.
2. Students should attend Classes regularly and be Punctual to reach the class room.
3. Except for Drums, all students have to bring their own musical instruments and their own stationeries. Students to safeguard their valuable things at their own risk.
4. All the Students are intended to follow Discipline and present themselves dignified in Competitions and outside Stage Programs.
5. All the students should participate in Royfest, an annual stage show hosted by RMS and shall pay the programs charge separately before the event.
6. All the Students are intended to give reverence to the Trainer, attend Class carefully and practice well at home.  To keep up the practice level sufficient, Students should send home work videos/audio on every Wednesday to the Head of the School through Whatsapp, without fail.
7. Parents should not accompany their ward inside the Class Room or speak to the ward every so often during the class hours or take video recording at the class.
8. Parents shall provide snacks box and water bottle for the younger ones if required.
9. All the Students and Parents must visit the office and review their wards performance, progress and learning once in 3 months (Quarterly) basis at the Office and not with the Trainer.
10. Any queries, suggestions or issues related to Fees, Syllabus, performance etc. is to be addressed only at office and not with the Trainers.
11. If a student is absent for the scheduled class, no compensatory class shall be provided by the School.
However, if the scheduled class is cancelled due to non-availability of Trainer or any other administrative reasons, School will re-schedule another compensatory class for students, and the same shall be intimated by Whatsapp messenger only.
12. There are 3 terms of payment of fees i.e., Monthly, Half yearly and Course fees (For Trinity).
13. Registration Fees and Fees are strictly non-refundable at any circumstances.
14. All students are asked to pay the Fees before 5th day of the month/Half yearly/Course Fees.
15. Preparing for Trinity Grade Exams depends on the students’ performance learning and capacity. The exam center and the university is not student’s choice.  School will provide study materials for examinations and may collect the actual charges from the students.  Students must pay Examination Fees depending on the grade.  The Study Material and Examination Fees not included in the Fees and charged separately.
16. Students will be added in Roy Music School Whatsapp Group in order to have swift communication, greet the students during Birthdays and to share any updates about arts/music/dance only. Students should not chat or forward Jokes or any other irrelevant messages in this group.
17. In all concerns and any issues, the decision of the Head of the School shall be final and irrevocable.

Wish you all the Best!

​Roy Music School

"Music can change the world, because it can change people"

Daywise Schedule:

Subjectwise Schedule:

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